Management Team

Greka Engineering has an experienced management team with good corporate governance track record and experience in dealing with cultural and ethical challenges of doing business in China at local, provincial and central levels. Most of our management are local Chinese with strong industries knowledge and governance.

Jin Feng Qi

General Manager and Chief Engineer

Jin Feng Qi joined Greka Engineering in August 2008, assuming responsibility for the business operation of the technology and manufacturing unit. Mr. Jin has 24 years working experience in the oil and gas industry. In the early years of his career from 1989 to 1999, he worked as an engineer and project manager at the Zhongyuan oilfield owned by Sinopec. In 2004, Mr. Jin became one of the founders and chief engineers of Zhengzhou Clean Petroleum Equipment Co. Ltd, which was acquired by Green Dragon Gas in 2008. He participated in the development of the gas station IC card-machine linkage and network management system while he was at Zhengzhou Clean Petroleum Equipment Co. Ltd. Mr. Jin is extensively involved in the technological research and development of the Group’s products and services. Mr. Jin holds an Engineering Degree in Manufacturing Process Automation from China Petroleum University.