Greka Engineering designs and builds integrated processing and power generation facilities for upstream company. The Integrate Production Facility provides self-generating power, compressor for CNG, pipeline gas sales and the infrastructure will be aligned and built alongside the well drilled. Projects are mainly related to design and construction of IPF well site infrastructure, pipeline and building CNG retail stations.

The Engineering unit takes all the best of Greka Technology and the Manufactured Hardware of Greka manufacturing and provides a fully Integrated Product Services platform that includes Design and Engineering, Procurement, Construction and management (EPCM) of facilities in the Midstream and Downstream sectors of the gas value chain.

Projects include Gas Gathering Systems - connecting gas producing wells to CNG & LNG production facilities, Pipelines - connecting trunk-lines from gas gathering system branch networks to production facilities plus PNG pipelines connecting producing blocks to major pipelines such as the China West East pipeline, CNG & LNG Production Facilities, Gas-fired Power Generation facilities and Downstream CNG & LNG Retail Stations.