Greka Engineering has developed the SCADA System (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems ) for petrochemical companies. This proprietary software is required across all facets of our company's operations; upstream drilling and CBM production, midstream gas compression and transportation, and downstream gas sales and cash collection. SCADA is used to improve operational smooth running of upstream, midstream and downstream operations.

SCADA’s data stream from drilling operations consists of geo-steering and directional drilling data as well as multitude of real-time drilling parameters including depth, pressures and weights. The value of the SCADA system is captured in the Operations Control Center (OCC). Geologists, Drilling Engineers, Well Design Engineers and Production Specialists monitor and control the upstream business, while Dispatchers and Logistics Coordinators manage the Midstream and Downstream businesses. Integrated Operations Specialists, Planners and Schedulers make up the wider team who all work together proactively steering the business operations with live, real-time data and information from the field.

SCADA gives a holistic view of the entire business, it can react quickly and timely to changes in demand for gas across the whole energy chain.