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The world’s first Compress-Less CNG station developed in China. No Emissions. No Noise. First sale announced

02 Aug 2016

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Noise pollution at CNG (compressed natural gas) stations has been eradicated by a jointly developed project between Greka Engineering and Technology and Hong-Kong listed CMIC ENRIC.
The partnership has produced the very first 25MPa Compression Free Intelligent Environment Friendly or ‘Compressor-Less’ CNG station in China.
Technology experts from across the country described the initiative as being advantageous in terms of safety, energy saving, environmentally-friendly, low cost and high efficiency.  Suitable for both local and international markets, the product has a ‘very good application prospect in the current natural gas market.’
The invention’s credentials are both environmentally and neighbourhood-friendly. Residents close to CNG stations will no longer suffer interrupted sleep from continuous noise and vibration of a compressor used to operate existing conventional stations.
Greka Engineering and Technology chairman and chief executive Randeep S Grewal says: “I am delighted with the innovation which sits at the heart of the Chinese government’s commitment to environmentally-conscientious and pollution-free initiatives. Furthermore it’s a global first and one that was nurtured and developed in China.”
The first order was delivered July 5th 2016  to partner CMIC ENRIC. Going forward the partnership will market this concept through environmental agencies and to organisations involved in the CNG retail business.
 Notes for Editors:
The seven experts who evaluated the innovation  represented China City Construction Engineering Huabei Design and Research General Institute Co., Ltd., China Petroleum Group Engineering Design Co., Ltd. South-West Branch, Shanxi Province Gas Design Institute, China Gas Industry Association, Hebei Province Special Equipment Department, Hebei Province Pressure Vessel Supervision and Test Institute and SINOPEC Engineering Construction Co., Ltd.
Greka Engineering and Technology
Greka Engineering designs and builds integrated processing and power generation facilities for upstream company. The Integrate Production Facility provides self-generating power, compressor for CNG, pipeline gas sales and the infrastructure will be aligned and built alongside the well drilled. Projects are mainly related to design and construction of IPF well site infrastructure, pipeline and building CNG retail stations.
Projects include Gas Gathering Systems - connecting gas producing wells to CNG & LNG production facilities, Pipelines - connecting trunk-lines from gas gathering system branch networks to production facilities plus PNG pipelines connecting producing blocks to major pipelines such as the China West East pipeline, CNG & LNG Production Facilities, Gas-fired Power Generation facilities and Downstream CNG & LNG Retail Stations.
CIMC Enric Holdings Limited (formerly known as Enric Energy Equipment Holdings Limited) is a company listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock code: 3899.HK). It is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, engineering and sales of, and the provision of technical maintenance services for, a wide spectrum of transportation, storage and processing equipment that is widely used in the energy, chemical and liquid food industries.
In China, its production plants are located in Shijiazhuang and Langfang of Hebei province, Bengbu of Anhui province, Jingmen of Hubei province, and Nantong and Zhangjiagang of Jiangsu province whereas in Europe, they are in Emmen and Sneek in Netherlands, Randers in Denmark, and Menen in Belgium. All the plants are equipped with state-of-the-art production facilities for pressure vessels, tank containers, and storage and transportation equipment for liquid foods and chemicals, supported by strong research and development capability of the Group.